Welcome to the website of the DBSV Red Socks, we are the student out- and indoor football association of Maastricht. If you have played for years or never played before you are welcome to try out and join our teams! Feel free to check us out on FB or email us at secretaris@dbsvredsocks.nl

Second Semester Open Practices

The second round of open practices will start soon for all new students!
Practice for outdoor takes place either in Heugem (Gronsvelderweg 1, Maastricht) or De Heeg (Maastrichterweg 7) depending on the team you want to try out with. If you are interested in joining DBSV Red Socks, check out the dates below for our open practices:

Outdoor Selection:
Tuesday 5.2, 20:00 @ Heugem
Thursday 7.2, 20:00 @ Heugem
Tuesday 12.2, 20:00 @ Heugem
Thursday 14.2, 20:00 @ Heugem

Outdoor Non-Selection:
Tuesday 5.2, 20:00 @ De Heeg
Thursday 7.2, 20:00 @ De Heeg
Tuesday 12.2, 20:00 @ Heugem
Thursday 14.2, 20:00 @ Heugem

Outdoor Ladies:
Tuesday 5.2, 20:00 @ Heugem
Thursday 7.2, 20:00 @ Heugem
Tuesday 12.2, 20:00 @ De Heeg
Thursday 14.2, 20:00 @ De Heeg

Wednesday 6.2, 19:00 @UM Sports
Friday 8.2, 19:30 @UM Sports
Wednesday 13.2, 19:00 @UM Sports
Friday 15.2, 19:30 @UM Sports

Home Sunday 18th November

The one and only home Sunday of November – who would want to miss that?!

Come by to enjoy some great football by all of our teams:
9:30 – DBSV 3 vs. RKVVL/Polaris 3
9:30 – DBSV 4 vs. Caesar 5
10:00 – DBSV 5 vs. SVME 3
12:00 – DBSV 2 vs. Haslou 2
12:00 – DBSV Ladies 1 vs. Bunde VR1
14:30 – DBSV 1 vs. Sportklub Jekerdal 1
14:30 – DBSV Ladies 2 vs. Sittard VR2

A special thank you goes to Rivazza bar • lunch • coffee for sponsoring the matchball this Sunday!

It’s supposed to be nice weather on Sunday, so there are literally no excuses not to come by! See you then!

Home Sunday 28th October

The 3rd Home Sunday of the Season is right around the corner! Post-exams is the perfect time to come by and watch our teams.

Support our teams at:

9:30 DBSV 4 vs. Willem I 4
12:00 DBSV 2 vs. RKHSV 2
12:00 DBSV Ladies 1 vs. RKHSV VR1
14:30 DBSV Ladies 2 vs. vv SCM VR1
14:30 DBSV 1 vs. Vaesrade 1

Thanks to all of our sponsors and especially Camping Kohnenhof for sponsoring the Matchball!!

Home Sunday 7th October

The second home Sunday of the season is right around the corner! This time all of our teams will be playing in Heugem.

Come by to watch at:

9:30 – DBSV 3 vs. Scharn 5
9:30 – DBSV 4 vs. Scharn 4
12:00 – DBSV 2 vs. Schimmert 2
12:00 – DBSV Ladies 1 vs. FC Hoensbroek VR1
14:30 – DBSV 1 vs. SCG 1
14:30 – DBSV Ladies 2 vs. ST Vaesrade/Voerendaal VR1

We’re looking forward to your support and showing you DBSV’s best side!

A great thanks goes to the former Board of 2017-2018 for sponsoring the matchball! If you are interested in sponsoring one, please send a message to sponsoring@dbsvredsocks.nl

Practice Location Schedule

Since some of the pitches at our new complex in Heugem are still in the making the teams will have to be rotating between the pitches in de Heeg and Heugem. To make this as easy as possible we have decided on a weekly rotation system. This means that each team will be practicing at Heugem for two weeks and de Heeg for one. Please check this schedule or add this calendar to your phone/laptop to find out on which days your team is practicing where. If you have any questions feel free to ask anyone from the board, your coach or your teamleader.

We are really sorry for the inconvenience and hope that all pitches will be ready as soon as possible!



First Home Sunday

This Sunday (23rd September) is the first home Sunday of DBSV!

It will be the first time the selection can show off their skills on our amazing new pitches. Enjoy a sunny afternoon with us and come by to our Sportcomplex in Heugem (Gronsvelderweg 1) at 14:30 to watch the game of DBSV 1. Afterwards you are more than welcome in our awesome new canteen, where you can enjoy a drink or two and have a little snack.

A special thank you goes to the Board of 2012-2013, who sponsored the match-ball for this Sunday! If you are interested in becoming the sponsor of a home Sunday, you can also sponsor a match-ball for only €50 (contact sponsoring@dbsvredsocks.nl)!

See you all on Sunday!

Sign Up Now!

The last week of open practices has begun!

This, however, means that you will have to sign up now in order to be able to come to the practices (indoor and outdoor) as of the 25th of September and/or play on Sundays. You will also have to have your UM sportscard ready by the 27th of September to be allowed to play, so send a picture to the board asap (email secretaris@dbsvredsocks.nl or via Facebook).

There is really no better student experience than being part of DBSV so sign up here NOW! 🔥

We can’t wait for you to be a part of this big family

New Pitches are Open – Finally!

The new pitches and canteen are finally ready for us to use!
This means that for the outdoor open practices next week there are some changes:



  • Men’s selection & non-selection at Heugem (Gronsvelderweg) between 20:00 and 20:15
  • Ladies at de Heeg (Maastrichterweg 7) between 20:00 and 20:15


  • Men’s selection & Ladies at Heugem (Gronsvelderweg) between 20:00 and 20:15
  • Men’s non-selection at de Heeg (Maastrichterweg 7) between 20:00 and 20:15

There will still be players of DBSV waiting for you at the station to cycle to the pitches with you at 19:30.

We can’t wait to finally play at Heugem again.

Here is a little sneak peek of how good it looks! 🔥


Open Practices 2018

As of Tuesday the 4th of September open practices will be held until the 20th of September!

These will still take place on our alternative pitches in de Heeg. Be at Sportcomplex de Heeg, Maastrichterweg 7 at 20:00 to make sure you don’t miss anything.You can also meet us at the station at 19:30, where 2 DBSV members in red and white shirts will be waiting for you, to cycle to the pitches together. After practice we have activities planned so that you have the chance to get to know new people, the club with its current members and play some fun games.

Everyone is welcome to join us so we are hoping to see many of you there and are looking forward to playing with you and getting to know you!

Intro-week 2018

Do you want to learn more about DBSV? Considering to join but unsure if you will have the time? Come find us at the Introduction week and speak to our amazing members for more information! We will be around at the sportsday, and you can find us at the SCOREN events. Besides that our members will be chilling where possible in the amazing colors of red and white! Trouble finding us? Shoot us a fb message!