Welcome to the website of the DBSV Red Socks, we are the student out- and indoor football association of Maastricht. If you have played for years or never played before you are welcome to try out and join our teams! Feel free to check us out on FB or email us at secretaris@dbsvredsocks.nl

Open Practices 2019

As of Tuesday the 3rd of September open practices will be held until the 19th of September!

These will still take place on our pitches in Heugem. Be at DBSV Red Socks (Sportcomplex Heugem), Gronsvelderweg 110 at 20:00 to make sure you don’t miss anything. You can also meet us at the station at 19:45, where 2 DBSV members in red and white shirts will be waiting for you, to cycle to the pitches together. After practice we have activities planned so that you have the chance to get to know new people, the club with its current members and play some fun games.

Everyone is welcome to join us so we are hoping to see many of you there and are looking forward to playing with you and getting to know you!

Last Home Sunday 26th May

It’s the last Home Sunday of the season. So gear up one last time, bring your friends and family, give it your all and most importantly savor the last 90 minutes on DBSV grounds for this football year (unless you’re joining BART Tournament 2019 of course).

Currently the games will be as follows:

9:30 DBSV 3 vs. Daalhof 3
9:30 DBSV 4 vs. De Ster 3
10:00 DBSV 5 vs. Eijsden 4
12:00 Ladies 1 vs. Weltania VR1
12:00 DBSV 2 vs. RKVVM 2
14:30 DBSV 1 vs. RKASV 1
14:30 Ladies 2 vs. ST Keer/Scharn VR2

See you all on Sunday

Team Activities

A special element of DBSV are off-the-pitch activities! Our selection decided to go on a short trip for their last team activity to host a battle for the last man standing..!
Check out what they did:


Home Sunday 12.5

It’s been a while since our last (spectacular) Home Sunday! All teams will be playing, so good luck!

9:30 – DBSV 3 vs. SCG 2: 3-4
9:30 – DBSV 4 vs. Heer 5: 2-5
10:00 – DBSV 5 vs. Leonidas – W 5: 2-1
12:00 – DBSV 2 vs. RKUVC 2
12:00 – Ladies 1 vs. SV Hulsberg VR1
14:30 – DBSV 1 vs. RKVVL/Polaris 1
14:30 – Ladies 2 vs. ST GSV’28/OVCS VR2

DBSV Ladies Coach Vacancy


If you’re motivated to help the Ladies continue the success from the previous seasons, outgoing, flexible
and able to encourage players of different skill levels you are the perfect person for the job!

The ladies would be more than happy and excited to get to know you – so check out these vacancies and apply!

https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/…/u…/vacancies-um-sports (English)

https://www.maastrichtuniversity.nl/…/um…/vacatures-um-sport (Dutch)

Home Sunday 14th April


This Sunday will be a special one! You should all be there for the first team match against our neighbours RKHSV! It’ll definitely be a day you won’t wanna be missing out on… the matches will be as follows:
9:30 DBSV 3 vs. Willem I 3
9:30 DBSV 4 vs. Haslou 5
10:00 DBSV 5 vs. I.B.C’03 2
12:00 DBSV 2 vs. Spaubeek 2
12:00 DBSV Ladies 1 vs. Scharn VR1
14:30 DBSV 1 vs. RKHSV 1

Special thanks to our Matchball Sponsor Honorary Member Jan Amory!

Home Sunday 31st March

This Sunday only our First Selection has a home game!
14:30 against VV Daalhof 1
If you don’t have a game or just want to enjoy an afternoon in the sun before exam week, come by to wacth our boys!
We’re counting on you 😉

Thanks to this week’s matchball sponsor Sportshop Do iT!

Home Sunday 24th March

Another Home Sunday – another home fun-day!
9:30 DBSV 3 vs. Sportclub Jekerdal 3
9:30 DBSV 4 vs. Sportclub Jekerdal 4
10:00 DBSV 5 vs. Sportclub Jekerdal 5
12:00 DBSV 2 vs. RKVVL/Polaris
12:00 DBSV Ladies 1 vs. FC Kerkrade-West VR1
14:30 DBSV 1 vs. Willem I 1
14:30 DBSV Ladies 2 vs. ST FC Geleen Zuid/Haslou VR1
Thank you to our Matchball Sponsor B.A.R.T International Tournament! Checkout their website http://barttournament.nl/ and don’t waste time to sign up with your team!

Home Sunday 24th February

Come and support your favourite Red Socks once again on a beautiful and sunny day! As always we will provide you with a lot of entertainment, food, drinks and quality games!

9:30 DBSV 3 vs. Geusselt Sport 4
9:30 DBSV 4 vs. vv SCM 6
10:00 DBSV 5 vs. Willem I 5
12:00 Ladies 1 vs. Amstenrade VR1
12:00 DBSV 2 vs. Berg’28 2
14:30 DBSV 1 vs. Bunde 1

We’d also like to give the biggest thanks to Dalenbrook Renner Family for sponsoring this Sunday’s matchball! Check out their website once it’s up 😉

Second Semester Open Practices

The second round of open practices will start soon for all new students!
Practice for outdoor takes place either in Heugem (Gronsvelderweg 1, Maastricht) or De Heeg (Maastrichterweg 7) depending on the team you want to try out with. If you are interested in joining DBSV Red Socks, check out the dates below for our open practices:

Outdoor Selection:
Tuesday 5.2, 20:00 @ Heugem
Thursday 7.2, 20:00 @ Heugem
Tuesday 12.2, 20:00 @ Heugem
Thursday 14.2, 20:00 @ Heugem

Outdoor Non-Selection:
Tuesday 5.2, 20:00 @ De Heeg
Thursday 7.2, 20:00 @ De Heeg
Tuesday 12.2, 20:00 @ Heugem
Thursday 14.2, 20:00 @ Heugem

Outdoor Ladies:
Tuesday 5.2, 20:00 @ Heugem
Thursday 7.2, 20:00 @ Heugem
Tuesday 12.2, 20:00 @ De Heeg
Thursday 14.2, 20:00 @ De Heeg

Wednesday 6.2, 19:00 @UM Sports
Friday 8.2, 19:30 @UM Sports
Wednesday 13.2, 19:00 @UM Sports
Friday 15.2, 19:30 @UM Sports